Serenella Sala

Serenella Sala

11 September 2015 About us

Serenella SalaSerenella has a long experience of organisations and has been dealing with people’s professional development for several years. She combines her familiarity with business strategies to an in-depth reading of individual and organizational dynamics.

As a counselor and a coach, she accompanies people and companies along paths of transitions. She helps widen perspectives, activate people’s inner resources and involve the use of new ways of thinking and behaviours.

Serenella’s traits summarize in a gentle, welcoming and listening leadership, coupled with a rigorous mindset and determination to open new points of view for people.

Serenella has a vicennial experience with a diversified range of clients, from multinational companies to family-owned businesses. Her experiences with McKinsey, Value Partners and Egon Zehnder – a firm she continues to collaborate with on development projects for executives and managerial teams – consolidated her competencies on business strategies, organization and top people management, in terms of roles, competencies and development potential.

Serenella holds a degree in Physics, a Master in Business Administration at SDA Bocconi and a diploma as Transactional Analysis Counselor. She strongly values personal development, something to which she dedicates many energies. In the last few years, she has developed new competencies and tools in several fields: mindfulness, deep walking, voice dialogue, systemic constellations, storytelling and theatre.

In the first years of her professional experience with IBM, Serenella lived and worked in the US. She is fluent in French and English.

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